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An accolade to Indian design and workmanship, Renee is the brainchild of sister duo Pooja and Karuna, fashion designers and art enthusiasts. The brand, with its inception in 2013, believes in the tasteful juxtaposition of traditional embroideries on contemporary silhouettes, weaving tales of homegrown 'Kaarigari' (craftsmanship) in textile.
Each product is an ode to its origin, carrying the legacy of Indian design and craftsmanship. The design philosophy revolves around exclusive, chic silhouettes; elegantly blending Indian occasion-wear with immaculate tailoring, fit and detail. Renee is the amalgamation of painstakingly done craftsmanship , using carefully assorted materials to make a luxurious statement.  The products range from Indian Ready-to-wear and Bridal wear to Bespoke couture.
At Renee, we believe that every woman is unique and customisation is not a luxury, but a prerequisite. We love listening to our customers and their stories, in order to produce personalised clothing, tailor-made to the client's choice. True to its name, Renee, which means 'rebirth' in French, strives to reinvent and redefine the diminishing Indian craftsmanship. As visionaries, we aim to ethically support and encourage our craftsmen, through our journey.

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